The knowledge and skills to classify areas where explosive materials may exist. It requires the ability to gather and analyse data relative to explosion hazards, determine the extent of risk and establish and document zones (noting that the zoning of hazardous areas can be different depending on national regulations and rules).

The explosion-protection aspects of designing electrical power, control and instrumentation systems and installations. It requires the ability to establish design briefs and to pursue economical and effective explosion-protection design solutions.

These units of competency are based on standards IEC 60079-10-1, IEC 60079-10-2 & IEC 60079-14.


5 days


Combination of written & practical


Eligible Candidates:

Experienced Electrical tradesman & engineers working in or associated with Explosive Atmospheres.

  • 001 – Knowledge of Explosion Protection requirements
  • 002 – Perform classification of hazardous areas
  • 009 – Design electrical installations in or associated with explosive atmospheres

Competence in this unit requires a degree, diploma or equivalent in a technical subject (Degree, Diploma and College Certificates etc)

A minimum 3 years’ experience in general electrical installation design or supervised Hazardous Area installation design.

By those who understand the relevance and significance of properties of flammable materials and those who are familiar with the process and the equipment along with safety, electrical, mechanical and other qualified engineering personnel.


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