Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems

This course covers the explosion-protection aspects for installing explosion protected and associated equipment and wiring systems. It requires the ability to match equipment with that specified for a given location, work safely, and to installation Standards and complete the necessary installation documentation. This course is based on IEC 60079-14 and any other relevant standard that apply to the Unit of Competency. For installation all types of protection shall be understood.


3 days


Combination of written & practical


Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea.


Eligible Candidates:

Electrical technicians/tradesman working in or associated with Explosive Atmospheres

Ex 001 – Knowledge of Explosion Protection requirements

Ex 003 – Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems

The applicant shall have the level of technical education (or equivalent) attained, relevant to the application, through documents such as College Certificates and Vocational qualifications etc.

For an operative a minimum 3 years’ experience in industrial electrical installation practice.

For a responsible person a minimum of 3 years’ experience in Ex industrial electrical installation practice relevant to the scope of the unit of competence being applied for considering the scope limitations.


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